November 12, 2012

Ozotic 905

Ozotic 905 is part of the Beam range available at piCture pOlish, I cant even really describe the colour it's like a glass fleck tiny flakie polish that can be built up on it's own for a more delicate manicure or layered over something else to make it pop. Formula was nice but there were a couple of issues with this polish for me, on it's own I found it needed four coats which takes a while to dry and when you layer over a dark colour you have to work carefully otherwise it ends up being patchy, so probably not a polish I would reach for too often.

Ozotic 905 one careful coat over OPI Sapphire in the Snow

Ozotic 905 on it's own, four coats

*this polish was sent for review


  1. I love how this polish has two completely different moods depending on how it's worn. Very versatile!

  2. Ooo this is gorgeous! It's so delicate and pretty on its own!

  3. These glass flecks are amazing - love the different moods you can create with them.

  4. I love this!!! You nails always make me jealous! :)