November 16, 2012

Recent unblogged NOTD's

Howdy all, hope you all had a good week and have an even better weekend planned.

Today I am going to post some of the manicures I have worn over the last couple of months but have not got around to blogging about.

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StudioM Slammin' Red OMG, this was on my wishlist for the longest time and it recently took up residence in my helmer thanks to a lovely friend. Slammin' Red is a raspberry colour packed with holographic glitter, super topcoat hungry polish.

Sportsgirl (Nail It!) Phoenix I'm not completely sold on this colour, in the bottle it looks more pink but was very orange on the nail

Estee Lauder Smashed Awesome dark purple delicious shimmery goodness

Chi Chi Pussy Galore this one I had been eyeing of for a while but wasn't sure if I liked it enough for $13- BUT on sale for $6 yes please! I liked it even more for a few friends when it was further marked down to $1.88

Sally Hansen Arabian Night an awesome gift from my fellow purple shimmer loving friend over at Lavish Layerings ♥♥♥ Thanks again Jenny!

Orly Miss-conduct ok, massive rave for this polish. Miss-conduct is a dark pink scattered holographic polish that is so glowy with dreamy formula. This one was one I picked up on ebay last month and have already worn for two manicures and one pedicure!!! Seriously think a lighter version of OPI DS Extravagance.

Sally Hansen Lava a duochrome similar in colour Ozotic/Chemistry 730 but with a foil finish

You Beauty For Nails 017 el cheapo chemist brand polish ($3-)  purple jelly base with small pink and blue glitter. This polish was perfection on me for three whole days before chipping.

Megan Miller Framboise a dark red jelly-ish sexy polish, I just can't get enough of this type of shade.


  1. These polishes are lovely! I want to get my hands on the Slammin Red :)

  2. I must have slammin red as well! Gorgeous swatches.

  3. So many lovelies! Gotta love finding big ChiChi bottles on clearance!


  5. Your nails are perfect. These polishes are perfect. That is all.

  6. These are some gorgeous colors!

  7. geeez these are awesome, just look at that first one!! :D

  8. So much beauty!! I love so many of them!! My favorites are StudioM Slammin' Red, Orly Miss-conduct and SH Lava. So gorgeous!

  9. gah, you are my lemming queen!! :)

  10. Kristy - should you ever tire of these (unlikely) - I'll take them off your hands. They're all pretty damn beautiful :)

  11. Gah...these are all amazing! So glad you like Arabian Night! AND OMG...that You Beauty one! O_O It is AMAZING!!