December 19, 2012

My top 12 polishes for 2012

Well 2012 is nearly over and I guess I should do this post before the 21st just in case the Mayan people were right.
As my title suggests I'm going to show you my favourite twelve polishes released in 2012, these aren't my favourites of all time but a few of them are right up there. This post won't go into too much detail of each polish because they have all featured somewhere on my blog this year.

The biggest surprise for me while compiling my favourites for 2012 is that four of them are pink...

piCture pOlish Tease a lovely blend of pink and silver glitter                                                                           

 Hare Rad Cloud a few different coloured glitters in a pink base (pictured layered over Mode Gorg)

BYS Pop Princess stunning pink shimmer and a cheapie too

Orly Miss-conduct for me THE pink of the year a scattered holographic polish

A couple of other glitter toppers made my list for this year too...

Hare Amethystos layered over Sally Hansen Arabian Night

Shimmer Polish Wendy layered over OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

Pretty Serious hit the nail polish scene in 2012 and while I love most of them a few are stand outs for me this year...

Pretty Serious Poltergeist Puddle currently my hands down favourite purple, although a complete PITA to photograph

Pretty Serious Viscous Vampire I die over this red, die!

Pretty Serious BSOD yeah, no words - just look at the picture

Last but not least a few other random polishes that I have loved this year...

Color Club Cherubic nude holo with fantastic application and great wear time

BYS Glamazon cottees lime cordial anyone? beware of badddd stainage though

OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest a wonderfully complex vampy from OPI


  1. Haha, "in case the Mayan people were right." I love it. Great picks!

  2. These are some great choices!

  3. Fantastic picks, but I have a big problem. I only have the Pretty Serious polishes and Cherubic. There are a lot of new polishes I need to get and try!!

  4. These are some fabulous choices!

  5. I ADORE Miss Conduct and Vicious Vampire!

  6. I can't tell if I love these colors or if I'm just awestruck by your nails. I guess it can be both!

  7. That's a lot of pinks! :O Excellent choices, you've given me several lemmings in this post alone haha.

  8. Wow, I love all the pinks that are showing up on this list!! Gorgeous picks!!!

  9. I see quite a few purple and pink in this list!! I agree with you on that last OPI! I have that one too!

  10. i can see why these are your favorites. nice picks (:

  11. LOVED this post - you made me add a few to my wishlist. Stunning photos too xx

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    1. I written wrong, sorry.
      All are amazing. I wish you a Happy New Year :)