December 19, 2012

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset

You should all know by now that i'm fairly well hooked on Pretty Serious polishes so when I heard about the latest collection by Kaz "Christmas Without Snow" I was pretty damn excited and had my alarm set bright and early to hit that buy button on December 1st.

So first up from Christmas Without Snow is the polish that I was most excited about Seasonal Sunset. Seasonal Sunset is a rusty red coloured polish with lots of golden glittery goodness. When I first started applying this one I thought it was really similar to Hare Rusty Hearts but Rusty Hearts is more of a raspberry red base.

Seasonal Sunset has had exceptional wear on me over the last couple of days and it will be a shame to take it off when it does chip.

Pretty Serious Seasonal Sunset three coats with topcoat, photos are in the shade because this polish in direct sunlight freaks my camera out too much


  1. I love warm rusty reds like this! It reminds me of autumn leaves :)

  2. I received this not long ago but wasn't sure about the colour.. but my goodness!!!! It's gorgeous i can't wait to use it :)